Vitamin D3 environmental roden

Vitamin D3 environmental rodenticide


Cholecalciferol rodenticide is recognized as a safe and environmentally friendly Rodenticide in developed countries. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Bell lab to register 0.075% cholecalciferol bait products in November 1984. Since 1995, cholecalciferol has been registered in developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia. Now the rodenticide has been listed in the list of commonly used rodenticides by who and World Health Organization. According to the industrial environmental protection standard (HJ / t80-2001) of China's "technical specification for organic food" and the national standard for "organic products" (GB / t19630.2-2005), cholecalciferol is the only allowed rodenticide active ingredient.


Active ingredient: 0.075% Cholecalciferol

Commonly known as vitamin D3 (VD3)

Chemical name: (5Z, 7E) - 9,10-ring opening cholesterin-5,7,10 (19) - triene-3 β– alcohol

Action mechanism:

Cholecalciferol is metabolized in rats to form 25 hydroxycholecalciferol, increase intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, make the calcium in the bone matrix in animals enter the plasma, make the calcium content in the serum too high, lead to soft tissue calcification, and affect the target organs such as kidney, heart, lung and stomach, resulting in renal, heart and other tissue failure and calcification, and finally die of hypercalcemia.

Product features

◇ effectively prevent and control resistant rats. Cholecalciferol rodenticide can replace the existing common rodenticides or can be used alternately to prevent and control drug-resistant rats.

◇ synergistic anticoagulant rodenticide combined with anticoagulant has synergistic effect, which can improve toxicity and shorten death time.

◇ save the dosage of drugs. Rats become anorexic after feeding the lethal dose. Stop consuming poison bait. There is no need to put poison bait in excess, so as to save the actual application cost.


◇ extremely low toxicity to birds and birds, no direct contact risk, and taking poison bait will not cause poisoning death.

◇ there is no risk of secondary poisoning. Rats become anorexic after ingesting the lethal dose of poison bait. The effective components of cholecalciferol in the gastrointestinal tract and in the body will not be over enriched, and the residual time in the body is short.

◇ the poisoning risk of human, livestock and pets is far lower than that of the existing rodenticide. This ingredient is contained in livestock and poultry feed and pet food as a nutritional additive to promote calcium absorption. A small amount of this product will not cause toxicity.

◇ reduce the environmental pollution caused by rat corpses. Rats become anorexic after feeding the lethal dose, and their weight begins to drop. At the time of death, their average weight drops by about 20%.

◇ it does not pollute the environment. Cholecalciferol is a natural substance contained in animals. After the poison bait contacts with microorganisms, sunlight and heat in the soil, it will degrade naturally, has little accumulation effect, does not pollute the environment and groundwater, and is very friendly to the environment.

◇ the treatment method of poisoning is perfect. Calcitonin can be used as an effective antidote for symptomatic treatment.


1. The test of the product by the domestic authority shows that: the acute oral LD50 of 97% cholecalciferol technical drug to birds is more than 1000 A.I. mg / kg body weight (7 d-ld50), the short-term feeding toxicity is 1029 A.I. mg / kg feed (8 d-lc50), and the LD50 of 0.075% Cholecalciferol bait particles to chickens is more than 3000 mg / kg · BW, all of which are of low toxicity. Therefore, cholecalciferol rodenticide is highly safe for birds and birds.

3. Bitters are added to the preparation, which is not easy to cause human ingestion. If ingested accidentally, it will not exceed the dosage standard of cholecalciferol as a human drug injection. A small amount of cholecalciferol is beneficial to human body.


Control effect

◇ it has good control effect on Rattus norvegicus, Rattus flavipectus, Mus musculus and other domestic mice; The killing effect was more than 90%;

◇ rats began to die 48 hours after taking poison bait, and the death peak occurred on the 3rd ~ 5th day.




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