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Zhejiang Garden Biochemical High-tech Co.,LTD., established in December 2000, is a national high-tech enterprise, a national high-tech industrialization demonstration project and a national resource comprehensive utilization project. The company was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 9, 2014, with stock code of 300401.

The company always adheres to the development strategy of "building a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of vitamin D3". After more than 20 years of development, the company has basically completed the layout of the whole industrial chain of vitamin D3, and has become the only manufacturer of the whole industrial chain of vitamin D3 in the world. The company's four categories of products are lanolin cholesterol, vitamin D3, 25 hydroxyvitamin D3 The production capacity of refined lanolin ranks first in the world. In the future, the company will also develop fully active vitamin D3 series products and build the company into an influential high-tech enterprise in the field of medicine and health.

The company has three core technologies, NF cholesterol production process, vitamin D3 production process and 25 hydroxyvitamin D3 production process, which are international leading technologies, and won the second prize of national technological invention, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress and the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Zhejiang Province respectively.


In 2018, due to the relocation of Xiasha production base and in order to meet the new requirements of national environmental protection policies, the company decided to build Jinxi science and Technology Park in Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 771 mu. The company's production base will be concentrated in the park. The company integrates more than 20 years of technology and equipment accumulation and adopts the most advanced automatic control technology to build Jinxi science and Technology Park into a highly digital and intelligent modern chemical plant.

At the beginning of 2021, facing new opportunities and challenges, the company set a new development goal of "one vertical and one horizontal". One vertical: continue to build a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of vitamin D3, and one horizontal: take advantage of the company's industrial advantages and marketing channels in the global vitamin market to carry out merger and integration, so as to promote the company's business scale and performance to a new level.


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