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Vitamin D3 500 Feed Grade
Vitamin D3 500 is fine, free flowing, yellowish or cream granula, spray dried from vitamin D3 oil feed grade. It contains vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in sunflower oil finely dispersed in a matrix of gelatin, starch and sucrose.

Active ingredient: cholecalciferol (calciol; vitamin D3)
Carrier: gelatin, starch and sucrose
CAS NO.: 67-97-0

Main Specifications
Assay(VD3+pre-VD3): 500,000IU/G min. (HPLC method)
Appearance: yellowish or cream granula
Particle size: 100% passing 2# sieve (850±29μm)
Loss on drying: 5% max.
Vitamin D3 500 is used in all kinds of vitamin blends and premixes.
Aluminum bags lined with food grade polyethene bags, then packaged into cartons. 25kg per carton.
Storage and Shelf Life
Stored under dry, cool and dark condition and avoid moisture, water or heat.
The shelf life is 24 months.