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 Cholesterol BP
 Product Name  Cholesterol BP
 INCI Name  Cholesterol
 CAS No.  57-88-5
 EINECS No.  200-353-2
 Synonyms  Cholesterol Feed Grade
 Acid Value, mgKOH/g  0.3 maximum
 Optical Rotation  -34°to -38°
 Melting Point, ℃  145-150
 Loss on Drying  0.5 maximum
 Residue on Ignition, %  0.1 maximum
 Purity, %(GC)  91.0 minimum
 Identification  Comply
 Solubility  Soluble in Acetic Acid, Acetone, Alcohol, Ether, Benzene, Chloroform, Dioxane, Toluene, Pyridine, Hexane.
 Insoluble in Water
 Cholesterol BP is a white odourless powder extracted from wool grease. Its content is not less than 91%, that meets current BP and EP Pharmacopoeia requirements.
 Primarily used as an additive in prawn feed preparations to enhance the growth and life expectancy of juvenile farmed prawns. As its function of forming film, astringing sweat pores and preventing wrinkle and aging, which could help the skin resuming stretch when used in the cream. Also used as an O/W or W/O emulsifying agent in lotions and creams due to excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties.