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 Product Name  Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic
 INCI Name  Lanolin Alcohol
 CAS No.  8027-33-6
 EINECS No.  232-430-1
 Synonyms  Wool Alcohol / Woolwax Alcohol
 Color, Gardner  10 maximum
 Acid Value, mgKOH/g  2.0 maximum
 Saponification Value, mgKOH/g  12 maximum
 Loss on Drying, %  0.5 maximum
 Melting Point, ℃  50 minimum
 Residue on Ignition, %  0.15 maximum
 Cholesterol Content, % (GC)  2 minimum
 Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic is a purified mixture of sterols, composed of cholesterol, lanosterol, agnosterol plus some straight and branched chain aliphatic alcohols with a mean molecular weight of approximately 370. It is obtained by molecular distillation of alkaline hydrolysis of lanolin.
 Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic is a pale yellow, waxy solid with practically no odor. It is insoluble in water.
 Used as powerful water-in-oil and auxiliary oil-in-water emulsifier, emollient and conditioner, in water-in-oil protecting cream, protective baby cream, nourishing and moisturizing cream, cleansing and cold cream, sunscreen cream and lotion, eye and lip product.