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2000,Zhejiang Garden Biochemical High-Tech Co., LTD established;
2005,Completed capital increase
2006,"Garden" was named well-known trademarks in Jinhua city; Vitamin D3 project award of Technology cooperation in Jinhua city      
   “Lanolin cholesterol project” commencement ceremony held;
2007,Award ecological environmental protection advanced enterprise;     
   Safe production advanced enterprise;
   key high-tech enterprise of National torch plan;
2008, Vitamin D3 new technology was award “ Second prize of National science and technology progress;    
   “GARDEN” and the logo was award famous trademark of Zhejiang province;
   Got FAMI-QS certificate;
   Bring into proposed public listing supervision object;
2008,“ The project of Annual processing capacity of 2500mt wool grease ” was award Sate torch plan     
   “Food grade Vitamin D3” was listed in key national new project Held fist temporary Shareholders Meeting, increase capital from Zhejiang Xiangyun Technology Co., Ltd.
2009,Top ten tax payer of Dongyang city
   Special award of industrial enterprise in Dongyang city
   Award the first Academician expert work station of Jinhua city
2010, Issuance Appraisal Committee of public listing to Second-board Market in Beijing Golden star Excellent enterprise of Jinghua city in 2010;
2011, ”Lanolin fatty acid, lanolin alcohol, lanolin cholesterol , food grade Vitamin D3” Passed evaluation of provincial new product.
2012, Completed the acceptance of technical appraisal of new products “lanolin cholesterol, Ianosterol , 25-hydroxy cholesterol and Isopropyl lanolate”, the technology of 25-hydroxy cholesterol and lanolin cholesterol is international advanced, technology   of lanosterol and Isopropyl lanolate is national advanced.
2013, The project of Research and industrialization of Vitamin D3 photochemistry synthesis technology was award of provincial first prize of Transformation for scientific and technological achievements.
   “Annual production capacity of 4000mt cholecalciferol rodenticide” project is put on record in Dongyang Economy & Information Technology Bureau, the dossier of pesticide designated production is submit to State Economy & Information commission.
   The project of “Annual production capacity of 100mt 25-hydroxy Vitamin D3 powder (1.25%) “ is award of provincial key technical renovation project and Key project of JInghua city. 2014, Public list in Shenzhen Stock Exchange of Second-board Market,  Stock abbreviation “Garden Biochemical”, stock code “300401”.